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factorio 15 iron to steel

Iron ore smelting to iron/steel ratio? : factorio

Does anyone have any ratios as to how much of their incoming iron ore is used for steel production compared to iron? ... a Category 15 Bitter. ... Factorio made by ... Easy Steel - Factorio ForumsI lay the same furnace setup (bottom) for all iron and copper except iron output belts destined for steel - these go in the opposite direction to other iron outputs while the splitters are tucked into the corners a bit making room to switch the iron over to steel reasonably tidily. Steel plate - Factorio WikiThe steel plate is an advanced material made by smelting iron plates again. It is used in many advanced recipes including electrical distribution logistics military items and upgraded production machines. Some of these products in turn are used in the Production science pack which requires a total of 25 steel plates.

Steel smelting : factorio - reddit

For example a red belt of iron ore needs 48 steel smelters to consume it. Since you have 2 belts coming in you'd want an array with 96 steel smelters to convert the ore to iron and another 96 smelters to convert the iron to steel. Otherwise a nice design and good use of a fliter splitter to sort out the steel at the end. Steel on the main buss? :: Factorio New Players & Game Help Personally I just set up a steel production near where it is needed and ship in iron plates instead. Seems easier.It takes 5 iron plates to make 1 steel plate so doing that will require far more conveyor/rail/drone capacity. Good steel set up for bus? :: Factorio General Discussions The steel operate on +320% bonus which allows for the 40% extra iron produced due to the productivity modules. <edit> Yes it is a big power hog when running even when idle it is noticable drain so I have it power-switch'd off when not needed.

"Factorio": How to Build a Furnace/Smelting Setup - LevelSkip ...

We want to make a full yellow belt of plates. A yellow belt moves 15 items per second. A Stone Furnace can make 0.3125 plates per second. Fifteen divided by 0.3125 is 48 -- thus we need 48 furnaces to make a full belt. Luckily the ratio of ore to plates is 1:1 for iron and copper so we can plan around one belt in to one belt out. Steel axe - Factorio WikiSteel axes are tools used for the manual mining of resources for cutting trees and for collecting items deployed on the ground (so they be placed elsewhere). They are an upgrade from iron axes in that they mine resources and collect placed-down items faster. They can also be used for melee fighting when the player is out of ammo. Factorio Alpha .15 Tutorial Let's Play Episode 006 ... Show the 5:1 ratio of iron to Steel but your smelting is 5x slower for steel so you only need 1:1 smelting for iron to steel. ... Steel Setup | Factorio 0.15 Part 98 - Duration: 20:35. Steejo ... Factorio - Vanilla done right - E53 - Sudden Iron and Steel ... This 0.15 unmodded campaign will focus on designing an effective "vanilla" factory without using any mods and explaining why and how to build efficiently. DISCLAIMER: Despite the name of the ...

Steam Community :: Guide :: Factorio Compact Designs

The design can be copy-pasted upwards to increase production but a blueprint for a finished design for 15 circuits / second is included. For late game when green circuits are in huge demand and modules pose no problem this circuit production setup can't be beat! 45/s circuits out only 34.5 copper and 32.2 iron in. Factorio CalculatorThis calculator is the result of a few years' worth of fooling around off and on with performing calculations using Factorio's recipe graph. You may find an essay on the subject which outlines the techniques used in this calculator here. Features of this calculator include: Proper handling of oil products. Factorio guide [1.0]: 15 beginner tips | Rock Paper Shotgun Factorio guide: 15 top tips for beginners. Factorio is an enormous game with lots to learn before you can create a colossal factory but there are lots of little tips and techniques you can employ to help speed up your progress and get you started on the right foot.

Iron Axe - Factorio Wiki

The iron axe is to mine ores The Iron axe is in the subgroup of Production; It can be craft at the player inventory or Assembling machine 1/Assembling machine 2/Assembling machine 3 Recipe:+ + --> Mining power: 2.5 Damage: 5 Physical Durability: 4000 With this tool you can mine resurses faster. A better tool is the Steel axe Pipe - Factorio WikiThe pipe is the most basic method of distribution of fluids. It is commonly used to provide water from offshore pumps to boilers and steam to steam engines for power generation and later on crude oil and oil products. Unlike transport belts players and enemies can't walk over them. Parse the Factorio recipe files to create a CSV of recipes ... Parse the Factorio recipe files to create a CSV of recipes - factorio-recipe-parser.lua ... steel-plate: 15: pumpjack: iron-gear-wheel: 10: pumpjack: electronic ...

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